Swiss Luxury Watches Are Quality Time Pieces

When the word luxury enters a conversation, you often imagine diamonds, fine clothes and a nice ride. In the case of Swiss luxury watches, it means you have a quality watch piece that could last longer than your lifetime.

As watch connoisseurs say, a luxury watch should have exceptional craftsmanship and stand the test of time. It isn’t something that will go out of style, and it will keep you on schedule throughout your day. This is definitely a watch you want around your wrist.


The tradition of making quality watches started in Switzerland and continues there today.

Obviously, their goal is to create Swiss luxury watches that keep accurate time, but some designers add even more traits. This increases the expense of the watch and shows off the skills of the watchmaker.

Besides these details, Swiss luxury watches have the Geneva Seal, which is a seal that is only placed on watches that meet the set requirements of the state.

This seal has been in place since 1886.

For a watch to receive the Geneva Seal of quality, it has to meet the 11 requirements set by the state. Some of the qualifications of a watch are that the steel parts on the watch need to have polished edges and all the visible edges should be smooth. The screw heads are polished and the rims and slots are chamfered. It is required that the watch’s movement have ruby jewels in the polished holes, and on the bridge of the watch, the jewels have to be olive-drilled. Also, the hairspring should be pinned into the grooved plate with a rounded cap and collar stud.

Besides these strict guidelines, there are countless other rules to be followed.

This means that these Swiss luxury watches will be a time piece you can pass on through the generations.